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Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 – Avoiding “Just a moment…” in a Task Sequence

Ensure the following is in your Unattend.xml in order to avoid waiting for “Just a moment…”




Normally ConfigMgr handles updating the xml file for smooth task sequencing. But this seems to be something left out of ConfigMgr 1702 / ADK 1703.

I would recommend using the Windows System Image Manager from the ADK to make these changes to your Answer File as it will do validation.

How to Add URL to a Start Tile Layout Which Opens Using the Default Browser

Had a requirement to add webpage links to a Start Tile Layout, but found that *.URL files wouldn’t work.

The solution is to use explorer.exe as the launching application. Just like typing into the file explorer address bar, creating a shortcut with explorer.exe as the program and as the parameter works like a charm.

You can of course change the icon too.

2017-06-02 21_53_42-Google Properties